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Our Office

At Champions Pediatric Dentistry, our main goal is to give each child’s smile a healthy start! Kids get all the attention in our office, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! From the moment your child walks into our office, our team aims to make their dental experience the best. We offer video games and TV shows to help entertain your child during their exam. This helps keep their minds busy in the exam chair and makes their visit quick and easy! Before they know it, their visit will be over, and they’ll be on their way with another successful dental appointment in the books.

Our office incorporates a 3-step method to help each child not be fearful when visiting their dentist.

1. Tell

Before we do any treatment, we will explain to your child what to expect. By doing this, your child won’t be caught off-guard by anything new. If it’s your child’s first visit, we will help them through the entire process so there aren’t any surprises!

2. Show

In addition to telling your child what to expect, we will show them first too! For instance, when your child has a check-up, we will show them any instruments or tools that we are going to use to check their teeth. We will also demonstrate to them the sound an instrument makes before using it during treatment or a regular visit.

3. Do

After telling and showing your child what to expect, it’s time for the check-up! When it’s time for a check-up or treatment, we will be gentle and go the extra mile to make sure your child is comfortable. We want their dental experience to be a great one, so they aren’t afraid to keep up on their dental health!

We want parents to feel welcome too! Any questions you have can be answered and any dental concerns you have can be discussed with your child’s dentist. We want to help navigate you and your child through a successful dental journey and help them build a foundation for the healthiest smile possible as they prepare for permanent teeth! If you are in search of a pediatric dentist in the Spring, TX area, call our office today to get started!

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