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Dental Emergencies

Unfortunately, at some point your child may face a dental emergency. This can be scary for both you and your child. Depending on the problem, there are certain steps we recommend taking. We first recommend that you call our office immediately if your child has a dental emergency!

Baby Tooth Knocked Out

The first thing you should do is give us a call! The area around the lost tooth will need to be checked for signs of further injury. If your child loses their baby tooth when our office is closed, please leave a message and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a visit. In the majority of cases, no treatment will be necessary besides a visit to their dentist for evaluation, but you may need to keep an eye on the area following the initial visit.

Adult Tooth Knocked Out

If your child loses an adult tooth, immediately call us! Even if we are not open, call and leave a message. With an adult tooth is knocked out, treating it quickly is key in saving the tooth. After calling, find the tooth, if you can. If found, only hold it by the crown (white part) and do not touch the root. Then gently rinse under cold water for 10 seconds or less. Don’t use anything to clean the tooth besides cold water. After that, do your best to reposition the tooth in your child’s mouth. Have your child hold the tooth in place by biting down on a towel or handkerchief. If this doesn’t work, keep the tooth in a container filled with a mix of milk and your child’s saliva. Finally, get to our office as soon as you can so we can do our part to save the tooth. 


A toothache can mean many different things. If your child is complaining of a toothache there are a few things you should do first:

  • Call to set up a visit as soon as possible. A toothache can be a sign of a serious problem, including an abscessed tooth. This should be addressed right away to prevent further complications.
  • Check the area around the toothache. Make sure there isn’t any food or foreign object in or around the tooth causing the pain.
  • Check for a recently lost tooth or an erupting tooth as this could be the reason for their discomfort.
  • Look for a cavity or hole in the tooth.

The following can help ease your child’s pain while waiting to be seen by your dentist:

  • Use warm salt water to rinse the area that is hurting.
  • Floss around the tooth to help remove any food that could be causing pain.
  • Use a cold compress on the outside of the mouth if swollen.
  • Give your child ibuprofen or acetaminophen as needed for pain. As always, follow the recommended dosage for your child.
  • Do not use aspirin to place on the hurting tooth or gums. This can cause serious burns and lead to more pain.

If your child’s toothache leaves before you are seen by your dentist, it is still important to have them checked. Ensuring that the tooth pain doesn’t return and checking for any underlying problems is important. 

Loose, Chipped Or Fractured Tooth

Call us immediately! Damaged teeth oftentimes need quick action to be saved or treated. After calling, rinse your child’s mouth with warm water and place a cold compress on the outside of the mouth to treat swelling. Any broken tooth fragments should be brought to their dental visit.

Severe Blow To The Head Or Jaw Fracture

In this case, call 911! If your child can be safely moved, drive them immediately to the emergency room. Blows to the head can be very dangerous and even life threatening. After being treated, a follow up visit with us is recommended to check for any dental or jaw damage. 

The last thing anyone wants is a dental emergency, but if one does happen, we are here to help! If you or your child are experiencing a dental emergency and you live in the Spring, TX area, contact our office today!

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