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Fluoride Treatment

Prevention dentistry is the best way to build a healthy smile and avoid dental decay. Keeping up on regular dental checkups is one way to catch signs of decay early and treat cavities before they get out of hand. Catching decay early can save your child’s teeth and help them maintain a healthy smile. Another way to prevent tooth decay is by having topical fluoride applied to your child’s teeth. Fluoride offers one of the safest options for keeping your child’s teeth protected from infection or decay. An added layer of protection could really make the difference for the future your child’s smile!

How It Works 

Decay in your child’s mouth is a gradual process that begins when your child eats or drinks something containing sugar. When the sugar enters their mouth, the bacteria in their mouth feed on that sugar. Once this happens, acid begins to form. As a result of acid in their mouth, decay begins to set in. This can result in cavities, infection or other dental issues. 

Topical fluoride works by helping your child build stronger teeth that can withstand the bacteria and will not be damaged as much by the acid. With the help of topical fluoride, your child will have a better chance at avoiding unnecessary cavities and tooth decay. Keeping their baby teeth healthy will lay the foundation for healthy permanent teeth. Taking steps like this in your child’s oral health can make the difference for their smile!

Topical fluoride is recommended so that your child can avoid cavities as much as possible. Having topical fluoride applied at your child’s next visit is a great way to protect their smile and strengthen their teeth! If you live in the Spring, TX area, call today to schedule your next child’s office visit, and make sure to ask for topical fluoride!

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