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Laser Technology

Waterlase™ Laser System

We want your child’s dental visits to be the best possible! Dental fears often start at a young age and we want your child to be completely comfortable throughout any and every appointment. That is why we offer the Waterlase laser system. This system requires no drills and can be used for a number of dental procedures. With the help of the Waterlase laser system, these dental treatments can be painlessly performed without any anesthetic needed. We want to go the extra mile to ensure that your child is at ease throughout any and every visit, and the Waterlase laser system can help them be comfortable during different treatments that may be needed.

The Advantages

There are many advantages laser technology offers including being safer, more precise and more convenient compared to other treatment options. In addition, this laser technology takes out the risk of cross contamination. We are happy to offer a solution that helps keep our patients safe, and we are pleased to be one of the few pediatric offices in our area that offer laser technology.

At Champions Pediatric Dentistry, your child is in good hands! We go the extra mile for each of our patients. If you live in the Spring, TX area and would like more information about the technology we have at our office, give us a call! We aim to help every child build a healthy smile without dreading their dental experience! Giving your child good dental memories at an early age can help set a good foundation for a healthy dental future.

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